How To The Play Canterwood Crest Game

Abby Thomas

How to play Canterwood Crest

My game is based off of the book series Canterwood Crest. The object of my game is to find your way around Canterwoods crazy campus.You must complete the three levels: Find your room, Lost Charm, and Winter Wonderland.

The first level is to find your dorm room. First thing you need to know is that you have to find all the points scattered all around the screen. The points are your luggage to take to your new room. You also need to stay away from your new enemies (jasmine and heather). Jasmine and Heather will try to sabotage your stay at Canterwood. You need to find the goal block. The goal block is your room. Your room is gold and on the top floor of the building. Once you do those three things you will have finished level 1.


Level two is called Lost Charm. Heather hid Charm! Charm is your horse and you NEED to find him. Heather has her friends posted around almost every corner. You need to stay away from them at all times. The points are clues to where charm is. You need to follow the points to find charm.  Once you find charm you get to play the final level.


Level 3 is the final level. Time to get to the dance before heather. Heather will try to destroy the night for you if she gets there first. Heather’s friends are all around campus trying to stop you from getting to the dance. Stay away from them or you won’t get to the dance. Try to go as fast as possible. You have to get there under 1 minute or heather will get there first. When you finish that level you would have completed the game.

The object of my game is to find your way around Canterwoods crazy campus. You completed the three levels: Find your room, Lost Charm, and Winter Wonderland. When the game is done, you have completed one semester at Canterwood crest academy!

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What I Am Thankful For

As you know thanksgiving is coming up and this is what I am thankful for this year. First I am thankful for my family. My family is the best and they are always there for me when I need them most – that includes pets and all! I am thankful for my pets that always seem to listen when I get upset (they have no choice but to listen!). I am also thankful for my parents jobs which provide the food that I eat and the house that I live in. That is what I am thankful for this thanksgiving!

What Freedom Looks Like

Freedom is when you are free, when you set your own boundaries and do what you want to do. Freedom would look like a place that you, not the person sitting next to you or in front of you, what you really enjoy or want to go to. Freedom is your individual hopes or dreams for yourself. Freedom is a land of opportunities. Though you can’t taste it or see it or even feel it, but its there in your hopes and dreams and it will always be there but not always recognized.

Lets Celebrate Christmas

Lets celebrate Christmas! Christmas is the most exciting time of the year. Christmas is the time of year when the strange white snow  starts to fall. Its the coldest time of year. Its when  Jesus was born and a lot of people celebrate and have a good time.

Its also the time of year when you receive new presents. In most family’s you celebrate family and put up the  glittering Christmas tree, sing beautiful carols, or buy cool gifts for your family or friends. Christmas is the season where tiny kids are all excited. On the exciting Christmas eve people lay out delicious cookies and milk. When every one sleepily wakes up you find presents under the pretty Christmas tree. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I hope you like it too. Merry Christmas….. or so in a few months.


Jingle bells are ringing

Choirs are singing

Snow is falling

Presents are calling

The time of year with no fear

Its Christmas everybody!

My Digital Footprint

Apparently I have four children and twelve grandchildren. I apparently am a writer and in my free time I paint glass ,which is pretty cool. According to Google I am the daughter of Lewis Thomas a renowned science book writer. I also play softball according to Google. I think that is pretty cool for a Google life.

Apparently I am an eye doctor in Iowa at Virdi Eye Clinic. I am also in Canada. I have a Facebook, pintrest, and a twitter apparently. Apparently  I like eating and its what I do best which is true. I also went to Amsterdam according to Google. I also am a photographer on Google. My Google life seems so cool and I think that is pretty cool.

If You Were To Visit PA

If you were to visit PA I would suggest if you got hungry to go to La Bellas, it is a great restaurant in Littlestown, PA. La Bellas has pizza and subs that are the best in town! La bellas is right across from the royal farms and is my favorite resturant.

Another great place in PA is the Gettysburg battle field. The battle field is where the civil war was, and where the SPCA annual dog walk is each year. The battle field is a great place for field trips, history, and ghost tours.

In Gettysburg they also have a Rita’s Ice, which has delicious frozen custard. Ritas has tastey custard made with real fruit. Even the critics like the ritas ice.

You go to pine view farms in Littlestown PA with the adorable small animals to feed and pet. Pine view has horses, goats, tortioses, chinchillas, emu’s, and plenty more. Pine view has day camps during the summer along with volunteer work.

You could also visit devils den at the Gettysburg battle field. Devils den is known to be haunted if you are interested in that. Don’t fall!

My Top 5 Horse Breeds

5. Clydesdales

I chose Clydesdales because they are a popular breed of horses. Clydesdales are the Budweiser commercial horses so they are very recognizable to many people. Most people like Clydesdales because they have strong muscles to help plow fields and pull carriages. Clydesdales are beautiful to me and are one of the very few horse breeds with hair shagging around their hooves.

4. Thoroughbred

Thoroughbred horses are normally meant for riding and racing. Thoroughbreds are a very fast breed of horses, which is why they are the main horse racing breed. Thoroughbreds are not only popular, but they are very graceful and majestic. They tend to be an average of 17 hands.

3. Quarter Horse

Quarter horses are third because they are the world’s most popular breed of horse in the world. Quarter horses excel at sprinting short distances. I personally would love to have a quarter horse because of its great running ability.

2. Gypsy Vanner

The gypsy vanner also known as the gypsy cob is my second favorite horse because they have beautiful markings and are very graceful riding horses. The gypsy vanner is very similar to the Clydesdale because of the hair around the hooves and the muscles build up on their bodies. Gypsy vanners are not known for farming and carriage rides like Clydesdales, but are good riding horses.

1. Appaloosa

Appaloosa horses are my absolute favorite breed of horse. I like them because of their beautiful spots and splashes of color. Appaloosas’ are great riding horses and are normally very tame. If I could get any breed of horse it would definitely be without a doubt an appaloosa.


School Improvements

First thing I would change about the school would be the switching classes. What you would do would be the teachers would go to a different class each period with a little cart that they would need for each period. this would save a lot of hassle for the students and you would never have to worry about were a student was after switching classes because some students decide to trail of at the switching of class time.

I would also like to change the stairs to escalators. This is because all the eighth graders or seventh graders on the split team have to walk up three flights of stairs unless they are injured and get the key to the elevator. By the time those students walk up those stairs they are tired and worn out and will constantly complain about it while the teacher is teaching important things that we need to know. So technically the stairs are causing the students to talk out of place. So escalators not only would be easier on the class but would cause less distractions in class.

The last thing I would change about the school would be that reading class would be half learning about reading stuff and half reading the book of your choice. I think it should be like that because a lot of people like to read and never get a chance to so it would be nice to just read then. If half of reading class was like that then I would have reading class as my favorite class this year.

My Bucket List

For my bucket list the first thing I would like to put would be own a horse because horses are my favorite animal and I believe that they are amazingly beautiful creatures. I would also like to visit Italy because I think that Italy is a wonderful place of cuisine and culture.  I would love to own my own camper and go camping because camping is one of my favorite things to do. Another thing I would like to co is go back to myrtle beach and go hang gliding again because it was fun. I would also like to buy my own ranch here in Littlestown because having a ranch is something I have always dreamed of . I would love to get a good career like teaching because those kind of jobs are good places to work at. I would also like to go to collage and get a degree because that would help with a good job.  For pocket cash I would try babysitting because I am  good with kids. I would also like to try dog training because i am really good with dogs and teaching them right and wrong. I would enjoy helping out in the community because that feels good and is a good thing to do.